Tue, Feb 22, 2022

8:45 AM – Welcome

9:00 AM – KEYNOTE: Kendal Netmaker

Topic: DRIVE!: The Ultimate Resiliency Formula

Every day we are faced with personal and professional challenges. It takes energy and perseverance to overcome these obstacles – through the power of storytelling, Kendal shares what it takes to Refuel. Recharge and Reenergize our resiliency to be successful in everything we do.

In this high-energy, inspiring keynote, Kendal takes us on his profoundly moving personal journey from overcoming life’s challenges to achieving extraordinary success. From his best-selling book Driven to Succeed, Kendal shares his Ultimate Resiliency Formula that will motivate attendees to shift their mindset to achieve their ultimate purpose for a successful life.


  • Steps to develop a resilient mindset to stay positive and focused.
  • Tools to set and achieve your goals.
  • Reprogramming your mind for success and abundance.
  • Creating your personal formula to stay DRIVEN!

10:00 AM – Break


Stream 1 – Derek M. Bruno – Truth and Reconciliation

Stream 2 – Forestry: Current Situation, Trends and Opportunities – Jason Krips, AFPA

Stream 3 – Oil and Gas Panel – Tim McMillan, CAPP; Greg Johansen, CSV Midstream

11:15 AM – Break


Stream 1 – Emerging Markets: Alternative Energy – Solar – Ross Thiessen, Empower Energy; Geothermal – Marc Colombina, Terrapin

Stream 2 – Health Care Sector and Opportunities Panel – Vanessa Sheane, GPRC; Sean Chilton, AHS; Donna Matier, AHS

Stream 3 – Value Added Agriculture: Ag Tech – Vincent Pawluski, Diesel Ross – RC Farm Arm; Daryl McBride, Growcer

12:30 PM – Break

1:00 PM – KEYNOTE: Christine Fehr

Christine Fehr with the Mental Wellness Matters Society will be talking on Mental and emotional health. The importance of self care, mindset and the power of our thoughts and choices.

2:00 PM – CLOSE

Day 2

Wed, Feb 23, 2022

8:45 AM – Welcome

9:00 AM – KEYNOTE: Todd Hirsch

Topic: Changing the Narrative: New ways to think about Alberta’s economy in 2022

As we enter a new year, a lot has changed — yet a lot remains the same. COVID is still with us, climate change is even more pressing and global trade remains unsettled. Alberta’s economy is transforming, but we need new ways to think about our economy in order to thrive in a permanently uncertain world. What lies ahead? And how will a new narrative help us adjust?

10:00 AM – Break

10:30 AM – PLENARY: Government of Alberta Round Table: Hon. Travis Toews, President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance; Hon. Dale Nally, Associate Minister of Natural Gas and Electricity; David Hanson, Chair, Northern Alberta Development Council

11:15 AM – Break

11:45 AM – PLENARY: Government of Alberta Round Table: Hon. Tyler Shandro, Minister of Labour and Immigration; Martin Long, Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business and Tourism; Doug Holt, Alberta Innovates

12:30 PM – Break

1:00 PM – KEYNOTE: Jesse Hirsh 

Technology is having a transformative effect on the agricultural sector, enabling greater accuracy, responsiveness, and precision when it comes to managing crops and livestock. Sensors, robots, smarter weather forecasts, and data analytics are combining to enable smart farms that are increasingly automated, and result in greater yields. What is the technology driving this change, and what happens if and when it’s wrong? Farmers are the original hackers, and in this era of rapid technological change, there’s a need to reconnect with and embrace hacker culture so that farmers remain in control of their tools and their farms.

ALSO: Learning About Ag With Mady

2:00 PM – CLOSE

Day 3

Thu, Feb 24, 2022

8:45 AM – Welcome

9:00 AM – KEYNOTE: Danielle Vlemmiks

Alberta tourism’s future success hinges on accelerated growth in the first three years coming out of the pandemic. It is time to hit the reset button and work together to reignite our industry as we safely welcome back the world. Learn more about Travel Alberta’s Bootstrap Business Plan that will retrench, refresh and renew Alberta’s visitor economy – and how we’re working with industry across the province to build back stronger than ever. Together, we have a unique opportunity to re-envision our collective approach to tourism in Alberta.

10:00 AM – BREAK


Stream 1 – Innovation in Business – Dusty LaValley

Stream 2 – Emerging Markets: Hemp – Jan Slaski, Innotech; Amanda and Troy Clark, Peace Country Hemp, Avis Gagne, Smoky Hemp Decortication

11:15 AM – BREAK


Stream 1 – The Future: Tourism Best Practices, #SkiNorthAB – Jim Barr, Seekers Media; Ken Loudon, GPRTA; Johnathan Clarkson, Nitehawk; Mary Lee Prior, Town of Vermilion

Stream 2 – Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain Development – Carolyn Kolebaba, NTAB; Ken Veldman, Prince Rupert Port Authority; CarrieAnn Crozier, CN Rail; Keston Luke, GPRC

Stream 3 – Science and Innovation – Wendy Muise, STEM

12:30 PM – BREAK

1:00 PM – KEYNOTE: Joe Jackman

Embracing Change: The Future of Retail in a World Remade by COVID

After nearly two years of profound disruption, the world is finally rebuilding. Yet the shocks we’ve endured—from the pandemic to major economic upheaval to the global push for racial justice—will reshape the way we live and do business, forever. These forces of change are a litmus test for companies and even entire industries. Only the business leaders who learned and adapted will survive in this new operating environment.

In the world of retail, there is no more cogent guide to this new world than Joe Jackman, the founder and CEO of the world’s first reinvention company. Long before COVID forced us to, Jackman made a career out of embracing change, finding proactive—rather than reactive—solutions, and unlocking true value through human-to-human insights—he even wrote the book on it: 2020’s transformation manual, The Reinventionist Mindset.

In this scintillating presentation, Jackman explores rapidly shifting consumer behaviour, upcoming industry trends, and best-in-class examples of companies doing it right. This is a new model for across-category growth supported with actionable insights from his own experience revitalizing major brands. A must-listen presentation for those eager to understand the future of retail as we collectively embark on “the next normal.”

2:00 PM – CLOSE

Schedule subject to change. You may register soon via the link at the top of this page, or for more information please contact the Chamber of Commerce by phone 780-532-5340 or email